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Welcome to South Africa shared services recruitment Network, the network for quality, targeted candidates looking for their next career opportunity.

By downloading CV’s from SA Jobs Registry Lead Pool, you agree to the following:

  • You are representing a bona fide registered recruitment agency. 
  • You will not contact SA Jobs Registry candidates for any reason other than for bona fide career opportunities that would be considered as customary employment and that you will not charge or offer to charge any candidate referred by SA Jobs Registry for any of your services.
  • You agree not to distribute, consume, forward or otherwise transfer any personal information about a SA Jobs Registry downloaded candidate without the prior consent of the candidate first. This includes: not presenting a candidate’s credentials to a potential employer, and/ or publishing a candidate’s personal information in a database that can be viewed by others not associated with your agency.
  • You will not send unsolicited Commercial Email (SPAM) or any other related marketing to any candidate downloaded from the SA Jobs Registry job portal. No other advertisements (other than details of job vacancies) are permitted.
  • SA Jobs Registry reserves the right to modify these terms. 
  • TERMINATION: SA Jobs Registry has the right to terminate any registered recruiter account for any valid reason whatsoever, without any liability.

You agree that through your use of the SA Jobs Registry lead pool, that you and your agency will abide by South Africa labour laws and POPI Act.

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